How the publishing world will change…

There’s no doubt that the highly-anticipated iPad by Apple will be a real game changer in the world of reading, with reverberations felt throughout the publishing world including newspapers, magazines and books. And while many have decried the decline of these venues, the fact is that the demand for information has never been higher. It’s the technology that’s changing and has placed these industries in a mode where they are having to rethink business plans that have works well for them for decades, but are not now.

A lightweight portable electronic gadget that’s versatile, and brings books to life like they never have been before is no doubt a game changer, and an exciting one at that.

Books will be interactive–great for the typical end-user, but with applications loaded with possibilities for businesses. Books will be fun with surprises in video and audio.  Applications for curriculum will allow information and data to leap off the pages. a textbook by comparison will seem static next to an ebook that includes audio recordings of the legends of early blues musicians for a class in music, or video of John F. Kennedy giving his speech at the Berlin Wall bringing an added feel to the meaning of that moment in world history. A children’s book can include characters that move around on the page while music plays at certain moments in the background.

At the least, when you buy an ebook in the future, surely the standard will be the option for it to have audio capabilities, so if you are reading in the park and then want to drive home, you can toggle to the audio section and continue to listen, hardly skipping a beat.

When the big thunders shake down, the main formats will probably incorporate .epub, .pdf and .mobi formats. The software driving these are already making reformatting among them simpler than they were. It’s all about sales and getting the word out–getting it out using methods that are thought-through so that you will end up with a product that you are proud to assign your name to.

who will be the ultimate deciders about who sells a book and who doesn’t will no longer be left solely to the elite publishers, many of them in the “old boys club.” while many books were published because they were destined to be classics, other have been because “someone knew somebody” or because a young marketing “whizkid’ at a publishing house made the call based solely on the potential of sales and nothing to do with literary value.

The bottom line will still be the bottom line, but now there’s the opportunity for more who want to enter the publishing world will get their chance. It is not a requirement for a good book to have to pass through 24-50+ rejections before finally getting shot at a spot on a bookstore shelf. You don’t have to be rejected to have a worthy piece. But still there are parameters as the opportunities in publishing blow wide open. Keyword searches are a good start to determine potential interest. That’s just one. There are more.


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