Beginning with the basics, “The Easy Budget”

This is a perfect eBook, and I say that because the author has taken a topic that he knows a great deal about, and organized it in instructive ways. The writing is spot on. And he didn’t over talk it.

There are just enough words to tell the story. You won’t get lost in jumbled financial terminology. And very soon you can begin to implement the practices and see how getting an organized system for  managing those daily expenses can really make you feel empowered. Here’s a budget that doesn’t require software, a computer, a lengthy book about the philosophy of money management—and the best thing about it—it works!! It’s called “The Easy Budget,” an eBook written by Owen Tew.

Paring down the concepts of money management to its essence, “The Easy Budget” implements the best of finance fundamentals to enable you to pay your bills, plan for future expenses or those that are unexpected. And you can get started right away. You don’t have to read through a 300-page tome with thick financial terminology. Of course you can read those books later, but just to get the ship sailing in the right direction you need the basic equipment. And here is the budget basic equipment–as simple as paper and pencil.  You probably won’t have to spend a dime, except in the cost of the eBook.

Applying these principles to your money management will get you started to a new life where you can look forward to shopping trips because you know what you can afford today and you’ll save for the bigger purchases ahead. You can purchase the eBook at At $3.50, it’s money well spent.

‘The Easy Budget,” available in PDF format, is currently in production to reformat it for easy readability on Kindle and ereaders that read .epub formats, including the upcoming iPad.


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