Updates on ebooks

The reading public likes the option of reading on ereaders if we are to surmise from the rising sales of all types of ereaders, with the iPad, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle leading the way.

More and more tablet options will enter the scene with similar and different benefits. A survey recently completed by Aptara taps into the nuts and bolts of specifics of what’s taking place in this market and their latest study told us what we already thought was the case — the ebook market is growing by leaps and bounds.

Purists need not be too alarmed. There will always be a market for books made of paper. Nothing can be the same on a screened-in porch with the rain in the background or on a beach under an umbrella. For people who love books, they are their friends. That’s why we keep many of them after we have read them. That’s why we build things to look at them everyday. And that is why the ebook future will be a different animal than what we now see.

A few ebook items to note:

  • Future ebooks will have what are called enhanced elements as a matter of course, meaning embedded audio and/or video within the ebook. Within the last month, iTunes published their first offering of this as a guitar instruction book with embedded instructional videos. The biggest excitement in all this lies in the potential of what can be done to make the ereader experience more multidimensional. Get ready for much more and, hopefully, more visually fun and dramatic.
  • While the jury is still out on just how profitable ebooks can be, my own experience is showing that you can make money selling ebooks. It depends on a number of factors, but even if you don’t market at all or don’t market very effectively, you can still make money. But, the more you market your product, the more income you will enjoy if you have a reasonable product to offer.
  • One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the ebook arena will be the effort to work the data so that it functions fairly effectively over the many different reading devices. Consistency in formatting is not close to being there yet and won’t be until more information is available for what types of readers are most used.
  • As an example of just how quickly things are evolving, according to the Aptara survey “eBooks-A Second Look””What’s truly surprising is that 36% of publishers surveyed produce eBooks that can be read on the Apple iPad, a device that did not exist 8 months ago.” (emphasis mine)

After the successful launch of “The Easy Budget” by Owen Tew, right now I’ve got three projects in the hopper — one is a novel, one is non-fiction instructional ebook and one is a collection. This is in addition to my own “ebook on ebooks” that I am putting together. I would be happy to discuss your project with you. Now is such a good time to be adding the name “author” to your list of credentials. www.ebookstalktome.com


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