Ebookstalktome announces its first “enhanced” ebook, 
“Alternative Pathways Inn” is in production 
with anticipated spring 2011 release

The Blind Wanderer's "Alternative Pathways Inn"Ebookstalktome announces that its first “enhanced” ebook, “Alternative Pathways Inn,” is currently in production with an anticipated spring 2011 release. This ebook is our first MOOVEBOOK, an “enhanced” ebook that includes video and audio.

Sometimes the simple is so apparent that we fail to see it as we complicate our lives with daily demands. “Alternative Pathways Inn” offers a step back and beyond the ordinary as the author, The Blind Wanderer, gives a new perspective on the things that affect all of us.

“Alternative Pathways Inn” blazes a new path. It blends essays, video and audio into an experience that allows the reader to take a moment, hit the pause button and reflect on things that can’t be seen or touched, but that are nonetheless real. The ebook offers perspectives about life and living as told through a series of essays, video and audio. It’s food for thought and for the soul.

Topics include:

The scars that don’t show
Endings are beginnings
The power of surrender
The 95 percent solution
The 15-minute miracle

In all there are over 20 essays, as well as a collection of thoughts generously offered by well-known author and teacher Guy Finley who has penned numerous books including “The Courage to Be Free.”

The ebook begins with a video entitled “Release” that introduces the ebook and takes the reader down a short journey, illustrating the personal experience of emotional catharsis.

The writer of “Alternative Pathways Inn” is The Blind Wanderer. The name is intentionally cryptic to exemplify how the journey of life often seems as though it is taking place blindly. Intentionally anonymous, the writer represents ideas intrinsic to the human experience. It could have been written by your next door neighbor. Indeed, it was written by someone’s next door neighbor.

“Alternative Pathways Inn” will be for sale in the iTunes iBookstore and at Barnesnandnoble.com and is designed for ereaders that support the .epub format with audio and video capabilities.


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