Facing hip replacement surgery? Check out “From Pain to Painless,” available on Amazon

"From Pain to Painless" book cover

“From Pain to Painless” is a patient’s personal diary of hip replacement surgery with tips on improving your hospital stay and easing your recovery.

eBooksTalkToMe announces the publication of “From Pain to Painless” by Pete Smith. The ebook is available on Amazon and is coming soon to the iTunes iBookstore and barnesandnoble.com.

Patients facing hip replacement surgery can now get ready answers about what to expect from a new ebook, “From Pain to Painless,” by Pete Smith. The ebook is available on Amazon, barnesandnoble.com and will also be available through the iTunes iBookstore.

Written in a direct, informative and empathetic style, this ebook is Smith’s personal diary of his experience with hip replacement surgery. Smith understands the fears and walks the reader through what to expect before, during and after this procedure. He also includes a host of tips on improving a patient’s hospital stay and easing their recovery.

Smith faced and successfully experienced two hip replacement surgeries. The hospital stay after his first hip replacement was a miserable experience and, when faced with replacing the other hip a few years later, he was determined to be a more proactive hospital patient.

Smith kept a diary of his experience and informs the reader about what to expect from this surgery. Unlike many books on the subject that read like textbooks, this narrative speaks in a conversational tone to the fears and hesitations many have who are facing this procedure.

Smith recounts:

“Eight weeks ago I had my left hip replaced. Today I was released by my orthopedic surgeon and told to come back in a year. I am walking, driving, and the pre-surgery pain is gone.
“The following is an account of the events leading up to my hip replacement surgery, the hospital stay, and the recovery after. I’ll tell you what I experienced, what hurt, what didn’t hurt, and I’ll describe my recovery. I’ll share with you some recommendations and tips that helped me through the surgery and recovery….
“With the idea that knowledge is power, if this diary helps to alleviate your fears and helps you through the healing process, then I have met my  objective.”

An “expert patient,” Smith offers a list of Patient Expectations which he posted on the  wall of his hospital room during his second hip replacement, outlining what he  expected his hospital experience to be. As a result, his recovery and stay in the hospital proceeded on a more positive path than his first hip replacement.

The details of what a patient needs to know are spelled out covering topics such as  Physical Therapy; The Three Rules; Doctors, Doctors, Nurses; Pain Levels; and Recovery at Home. A proponent of hip replacement surgery, Smith states emphatically, “I know there are a lot of people walking around with hip pain that can be relieved through surgery.” With the information in “From Pain to Painless,” Smith intends to convey what a person needs to know when facing this procedure.

The ebook is written in diary format and includes a foreword and recommendation by his surgeon, over 30 helpful tips and a link to a printable copy of the Patient Expectations. It is also among the first on this subject available in ebook format.

Written for anyone considering hip or knee replacement surgery, this ebook will enable a person to face the experience with greater confidence. Furthermore, much of the information is pertinent for any patient facing a hospital stay.

“From Pain to Painless” is $6.95 and is available from barnesandnoble.com, Amazon and iTunes iBookstore. At $6.95, it’s a small investment for the peace of mind and practical information it affords.

Pete Smith is a management consultant specializing in business succession: buying, selling, family gifting, appraisals, divorce, partnership transfers, etc.

He has an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  Pete has an Accreditation in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) from the Institute of Business Appraisers and is a Certified Computer Professional from the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals. He is an author and speaker on various business succession issues. 

Pete is married with two children and three grandchildren. He is active with his local Boy Scout Troop Committee. He lives outside of Birmingham, Alabama. He enjoys sailing, raising hydrangeas, crossword puzzles. He can be reached  at cpsmith@conweb.com.

“From Pain to Painless” was designed and formatted for ereaders by eBooksTalkToMe, based in Birmingham, AL.


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  1. Gertude Millerr | Reply

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  2. Good advice for pain, but if the situation becomes more serious and hip replacement surgery may be an option, this ebook walks you through the details of what to expect before and after surgery. Knowing what to expect can help to prepare for the healing process, and also this ebook gives a patient the nuts and bolts of what to expect during the process of surgery. Good luck. A Patients’ Bill of Rights is included and helps to spell out the viable rights a patient can assume in the process.

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