“The Leningrad Affair” by Warren Terry available on Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com, coming soon to iTunes

This is an exciting premiere ebook by author Warren Terry. It’s a political thriller about a high-tech scientist from Texas kidnapped in Stockholm and taken into the Soviet Union with a summit between President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev hanging in the balance.  To retrieve the scientist, the CIA brings back Eisenhower “Ike” Blass into the fold to rescue him and bring him back to the United States.  With the stakes high, the KGB orders their agent, Natasha Yazova to befriend Blass and do whatever is necessary to save the summit.  Almost immediately, the strong chemistry between the couple makes them vulnerable as they race against the clock, fighting off dissidents in their rescue attempt.  Together, they battle forces in this cold-war drama unparalleled in U.S. and Soviet relations.

The author, Warren Terry, is a native Texan but has lived and/or worked in seven states as an entrepreneur involved in Coca-Coca Bottling Companies, Leasing, Office Furniture and Supplies, and Ranching.  Terry is a consummate reader relishing in Silva, Ludlum, Follett, Baldacci, Hillenbrand, Balzac, Uris, Grisham, and many more.  A world traveler and amateur photographer since his early twenties, he believes in traveling to and photographing scenes that he later writes about in his international thriller novels.  While all readers have their preferences, if you like the fast-read novels of Silva and Ludlum, and Baldacci, you will enjoy Ike Blass as a CIA operative.

Terry began writing as an avocation and now brings to the ebook market this fall, two novels…”The Leningrad Affair” and “The Exchange Student.”  Both novels and a third sequel currently being written feature Eisenhower “Ike” Blass, CIA operative living in Austin, TX, when The Company schedule allows him to be there, in Casey Key, FL, on the second novel, and finally on his Texas ranch in the third.

“The Leningrad Affair is currently available for sale on Amazon and barnesandnoble.com and will soon be available on iTunes. Click here to visit Warren Terry’s website and blog.


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