Marketing and selling your ebook

It’s not enough to get your ebook into the webisphere. You’ve got to promote it as well. If you want to spend your time doing what you do best — writing — let me publicize your work. I will:

*  Write you a press release

*  Research the blogs and review sites that would be interested in reviewing your ebook

*  Contact the reviewers with information about your work — and then follow up

*  Contact the television talk shows in your area to schedule an interview about your ebook

*  I can send out regular tweets for you, but the system will work best if you are actively involved in the tweeting as well

I have scoured the Web and have only found a couple of services that are knowledgeable about the mechanics of ebooks and how they are promoted. It doesn’t work to send a press release to 800+ news/blog outlets and leave it at that. Follow up is crucial. I have worked as a publicist promoting events both large and small. Now my world is ebooks. Contact me and we can discuss what your ebook needs to get noticed.


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