‘Tremulous Prism — Our Journey in Dementia’ Offers Glimpse Into Life When Caring For Aging Parents

PrismcoverTremulous Prism: Our Journey in Dementia is the story of a 54-year-old man who leaves his job in Maine to join elderly parents in Florida. Taking the lead in a family support system, he moves into his parents’ house and shares their doubts and fears about their living situation. Anxious not to impose abrupt changes to their lifestyle, he enjoys the camaraderie and many life lessons that being close to his parents offers. Providing support as he is able to, he watches in admiration as his parents battle illness and dementia into their final days. This ebook speaks to the numerous issues of those who are or have been in a caregiving role for a family member or friend. It offers information, insight and hope for the particular challenges the caregiver faces as they walk through this emotional territory.

Born in Burlington, Vermont, Christopher Keith now lives in New Port Richey, Florida, where he moved to take care of his parents. After a misadventure with the Peace Corps in the Philippines, he returned to Florida to write and teach English composition. Previously, he studied creative writing with Raymond Carver at Syracuse University in the 1980s and earned an MA. As a former owner of a karate school in Windham, Maine, his publications include a DVD and workbook, Introduction to Asian Long Staff Fighting, which was based on his experience as a fifth dan in kenpo. Also an English teacher and tai chi instructor, he is currently working on the collection of short stories, Tennessee Alley, and spends his Saturdays playing golf among the alligators, fishing, and enjoying Florida.


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