eBook Services


The world of formatting a book for ereaders is still evolving, but as it is right now, it takes a combination of design expertise, computer savvyness and editorial knowledge to make an engaging product. My team can help you with making your work a reality in the ebook marketplace.


The design for your ebook’s cover is just one part of the process. The entire ebook is, in reality, a design. From how your chapters and images are displayed to knowing the nuance of how people read ebooks – these elements are combined to enable your story to be presented in the best way visually with all the possibilities new technologies offer.


To sell your ebook, it needs to be promoted through online resources including blogs, ezines, contests and other portals to get the word out on your work. This can include media embedded within the promotional information for added interactivity, as well as interviews with you, the author, and other innovative methods to create a vibrance in bringing your ebook to those who would benefit from buying and reading it.

Uploading and maintaining

As an online publisher, we can upload your work to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. Should you desire, we can maintain your sales for a nominal fee.


2 responses

  1. I heard you at a seminar at the library. I am interested in working with your company. My manuscript is finished.

  2. William,

    I remember you from my talk, and I am excited that you have a manuscript that you have completed. The next step will be for you to email me with a few details about the project like how many words it has, how many chapters and how many graphics or illustrations you have, if any. Then I will give you a call and we can discuss your goals with a project like this and I can give you a cost as far as presenting your manuscript in a professional manner that is pleasing to the eye as well.

    So, email me the basics at wanda@ebookstalktome.com and I will be in touch. Congrats on completing your project.


    Wanda Carruthers
    2363 Lakeside Drive Suite 101
    Birmingham, AL 35244
    205.733.2684 (office)
    205.980.1745 (fax)

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