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 News release for The Leningrad Affair

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The Leningrad Affair

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Espionage thriller “The Leningrad Affair” by Warren Terry now available on iTunes, Amazon and barnesandnoble.com


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Marketing and selling your ebook

It’s not enough to get your ebook into the webisphere. You’ve got to promote it as well. If you want to spend your time doing what you do best — writing — let me publicize your work. I will:

*  Write you a press release

*  Research the blogs and review sites that would be interested in reviewing your ebook

*  Contact the reviewers with information about your work — and then follow up

*  Contact the television talk shows in your area to schedule an interview about your ebook

*  I can send out regular tweets for you, but the system will work best if you are actively involved in the tweeting as well

I have scoured the Web and have only found a couple of services that are knowledgeable about the mechanics of ebooks and how they are promoted. It doesn’t work to send a press release to 800+ news/blog outlets and leave it at that. Follow up is crucial. I have worked as a publicist promoting events both large and small. Now my world is ebooks. Contact me and we can discuss what your ebook needs to get noticed.


“The Leningrad Affair” by Warren Terry available on Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com, coming soon to iTunes

This is an exciting premiere ebook by author Warren Terry. It’s a political thriller about a high-tech scientist from Texas kidnapped in Stockholm and taken into the Soviet Union with a summit between President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev hanging in the balance.  To retrieve the scientist, the CIA brings back Eisenhower “Ike” Blass into the fold to rescue him and bring him back to the United States.  With the stakes high, the KGB orders their agent, Natasha Yazova to befriend Blass and do whatever is necessary to save the summit.  Almost immediately, the strong chemistry between the couple makes them vulnerable as they race against the clock, fighting off dissidents in their rescue attempt.  Together, they battle forces in this cold-war drama unparalleled in U.S. and Soviet relations.

The author, Warren Terry, is a native Texan but has lived and/or worked in seven states as an entrepreneur involved in Coca-Coca Bottling Companies, Leasing, Office Furniture and Supplies, and Ranching.  Terry is a consummate reader relishing in Silva, Ludlum, Follett, Baldacci, Hillenbrand, Balzac, Uris, Grisham, and many more.  A world traveler and amateur photographer since his early twenties, he believes in traveling to and photographing scenes that he later writes about in his international thriller novels.  While all readers have their preferences, if you like the fast-read novels of Silva and Ludlum, and Baldacci, you will enjoy Ike Blass as a CIA operative.

Terry began writing as an avocation and now brings to the ebook market this fall, two novels…”The Leningrad Affair” and “The Exchange Student.”  Both novels and a third sequel currently being written feature Eisenhower “Ike” Blass, CIA operative living in Austin, TX, when The Company schedule allows him to be there, in Casey Key, FL, on the second novel, and finally on his Texas ranch in the third.

“The Leningrad Affair is currently available for sale on Amazon and barnesandnoble.com and will soon be available on iTunes. Click here to visit Warren Terry’s website and blog.

Ebook autographs; the virtual book club

It was just a matter of time. Techno wizardry has enabled authors to digitally sign an ebook. Depending on the ereader, authors can personally inscribe their works. Here’s the link to the article on how its done:



And another new trend in the ebook world is the concept of the virtual book club. This is a great way for an author to participate directly as a guest speaker with people interested in ebooks. Details about that can be found here:



In this day when it’s all about getting the word out in the virtual world, these are two concepts to set the savvy author apart from the ones who just put their ebooks out there and expect them to sell.

“From Pain to Painless” now available on iTunes, barnesandnoble.com and Amazon

The latest ebook designed and distributed by eBooksTalkToMe, “From Pain to Painless” by Pete Smith, is now available at your favorite online ebookstores. At $6.99, it offer great advice for those contemplating hip replacement surgery, which is approximately 250,000 people each year in the U.S. The list of Patient Expectations enables anyone who is facing a hospital stay a ready way to communicate with hospital staff. Copy it and post it on your hospital door.

Facing hip replacement surgery? Check out “From Pain to Painless,” available on Amazon

"From Pain to Painless" book cover

“From Pain to Painless” is a patient’s personal diary of hip replacement surgery with tips on improving your hospital stay and easing your recovery.

eBooksTalkToMe announces the publication of “From Pain to Painless” by Pete Smith. The ebook is available on Amazon and is coming soon to the iTunes iBookstore and barnesandnoble.com.

Patients facing hip replacement surgery can now get ready answers about what to expect from a new ebook, “From Pain to Painless,” by Pete Smith. The ebook is available on Amazon, barnesandnoble.com and will also be available through the iTunes iBookstore.

Written in a direct, informative and empathetic style, this ebook is Smith’s personal diary of his experience with hip replacement surgery. Smith understands the fears and walks the reader through what to expect before, during and after this procedure. He also includes a host of tips on improving a patient’s hospital stay and easing their recovery.

Smith faced and successfully experienced two hip replacement surgeries. The hospital stay after his first hip replacement was a miserable experience and, when faced with replacing the other hip a few years later, he was determined to be a more proactive hospital patient.

Smith kept a diary of his experience and informs the reader about what to expect from this surgery. Unlike many books on the subject that read like textbooks, this narrative speaks in a conversational tone to the fears and hesitations many have who are facing this procedure.

Smith recounts:

“Eight weeks ago I had my left hip replaced. Today I was released by my orthopedic surgeon and told to come back in a year. I am walking, driving, and the pre-surgery pain is gone.
“The following is an account of the events leading up to my hip replacement surgery, the hospital stay, and the recovery after. I’ll tell you what I experienced, what hurt, what didn’t hurt, and I’ll describe my recovery. I’ll share with you some recommendations and tips that helped me through the surgery and recovery….
“With the idea that knowledge is power, if this diary helps to alleviate your fears and helps you through the healing process, then I have met my  objective.”

An “expert patient,” Smith offers a list of Patient Expectations which he posted on the  wall of his hospital room during his second hip replacement, outlining what he  expected his hospital experience to be. As a result, his recovery and stay in the hospital proceeded on a more positive path than his first hip replacement.

The details of what a patient needs to know are spelled out covering topics such as  Physical Therapy; The Three Rules; Doctors, Doctors, Nurses; Pain Levels; and Recovery at Home. A proponent of hip replacement surgery, Smith states emphatically, “I know there are a lot of people walking around with hip pain that can be relieved through surgery.” With the information in “From Pain to Painless,” Smith intends to convey what a person needs to know when facing this procedure.

The ebook is written in diary format and includes a foreword and recommendation by his surgeon, over 30 helpful tips and a link to a printable copy of the Patient Expectations. It is also among the first on this subject available in ebook format.

Written for anyone considering hip or knee replacement surgery, this ebook will enable a person to face the experience with greater confidence. Furthermore, much of the information is pertinent for any patient facing a hospital stay.

“From Pain to Painless” is $6.95 and is available from barnesandnoble.com, Amazon and iTunes iBookstore. At $6.95, it’s a small investment for the peace of mind and practical information it affords.

Pete Smith is a management consultant specializing in business succession: buying, selling, family gifting, appraisals, divorce, partnership transfers, etc.

He has an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  Pete has an Accreditation in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) from the Institute of Business Appraisers and is a Certified Computer Professional from the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals. He is an author and speaker on various business succession issues. 

Pete is married with two children and three grandchildren. He is active with his local Boy Scout Troop Committee. He lives outside of Birmingham, Alabama. He enjoys sailing, raising hydrangeas, crossword puzzles. He can be reached  at cpsmith@conweb.com.

“From Pain to Painless” was designed and formatted for ereaders by eBooksTalkToMe, based in Birmingham, AL.

Who is reading ebooks?

Michael Tamblyn with Kobo, a company that gathers and shares ebook information, recently presented a webcast on their company’s data about readers who are moving to the digital realm. According to Kobo’s research, people who read ebooks fall into four main categories.

First, there is the Voracious eInk Reader. This is the person who typically buys $35 worth of ebooks on their first visit to a site and then purchases on average $25 seven times a month. He calls this reader the “most productive sales channel.” As time goes by, their purchasing frequency increases. And surveys show that the more passionate traditional book buyers are entering the ebook market. The most popular genres of books they purchase are Juvenile and Young Adult, Business, Biography, Religion, History, Health and Self-Help.

A second type is the Small Screen Reader. These are people who read on their iPhones and Blackberrys. This group is the largest in terms of numbers, but smaller in terms of sales. Their first visit usually sees a $15 purchase with an $11 purchase made about one time per month. They downoad a lot of free content. The subjects most purchased are General Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, Literary and Science Fiction.

Next is the iPad Socialite. They spend $22 on average at their first visit and $16 slightly more than one time weekly. They read books on their iPad primarily.

Last is the Freegan. This is the consumer who is intent on building a library with content that is low or no cost. They are resistant to marketing and do not have much value as a customer, according to Tamblyn.

In addition to this data, Tamblyn also threw in a few other tidbits about the ebook market.

  • Most ebook purchases are fiction. “It’s still very much about recreational reading,” states Tamblyn.
  • The typical ebook sells for $7.50 – $8.50.
  • Most ebook reading takes place in the morning and just a bit late at night.
  • The biggest ebook buying takes place between 8 p.m – Midnight.

The End of the Book? — The American Magazine

The End of the Book? — The American Magazine.

Click the link above for an interesting article about how changes affect behavior. Is the print book on the decline, or what changes might be in store for readers?

Ebookstalktome announces its first “enhanced” ebook, 
“Alternative Pathways Inn” is in production 
with anticipated spring 2011 release

The Blind Wanderer's "Alternative Pathways Inn"Ebookstalktome announces that its first “enhanced” ebook, “Alternative Pathways Inn,” is currently in production with an anticipated spring 2011 release. This ebook is our first MOOVEBOOK, an “enhanced” ebook that includes video and audio.

Sometimes the simple is so apparent that we fail to see it as we complicate our lives with daily demands. “Alternative Pathways Inn” offers a step back and beyond the ordinary as the author, The Blind Wanderer, gives a new perspective on the things that affect all of us.

“Alternative Pathways Inn” blazes a new path. It blends essays, video and audio into an experience that allows the reader to take a moment, hit the pause button and reflect on things that can’t be seen or touched, but that are nonetheless real. The ebook offers perspectives about life and living as told through a series of essays, video and audio. It’s food for thought and for the soul.

Topics include:

The scars that don’t show
Endings are beginnings
The power of surrender
The 95 percent solution
The 15-minute miracle

In all there are over 20 essays, as well as a collection of thoughts generously offered by well-known author and teacher Guy Finley who has penned numerous books including “The Courage to Be Free.”

The ebook begins with a video entitled “Release” that introduces the ebook and takes the reader down a short journey, illustrating the personal experience of emotional catharsis.

The writer of “Alternative Pathways Inn” is The Blind Wanderer. The name is intentionally cryptic to exemplify how the journey of life often seems as though it is taking place blindly. Intentionally anonymous, the writer represents ideas intrinsic to the human experience. It could have been written by your next door neighbor. Indeed, it was written by someone’s next door neighbor.

“Alternative Pathways Inn” will be for sale in the iTunes iBookstore and at Barnesnandnoble.com and is designed for ereaders that support the .epub format with audio and video capabilities.

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