Springboards for ebooks

A few business uses for ebooks:

  • Embed in a newsletter to your mailing list to direct visitors to your website for free download
  • Use as an intercompany manual or publication for dissemination to customers or employees
  • Offer several pages for free with full download by purchase

Have you been less than satisfied with past ebook results? Could it have been due to:

  • Ebook was hastily formatted and doesn’t view correctly on certain formats
  • Not taking full advantage of opportunities available in technology. Did you know that you can place hyperlinks and video in PDFs? Video and audio can be incorporated into .epub. You don’t need to know the difference between these formats, but your ebook designer does.
  • Lack of targeted marketing
  • Lackluster design

With a thoughtful plan implemented by diligent professionals, you have a greater chance of success. Whether your audience is large or small, you need to begin with a firm foundation. Groundwork is critical to help your efforts hit their mark.


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