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Alternative Pathways Inn to offer help to shaken spirits

The release is near for the ebook “Alternative Pathways Inn” by The Blind Wanderer (aka Wanda Carruthers).

A soon-to-be released ebook that offers insights to better your worldview

This ebook is for

  • If you’ve been hurt
  • If you’ve been confused
  • For those who have thought that life might hold more
  • If you’ve been thrown a ball (or more than one) from left field
  • If you’ve tried and failed and tried again
  • If you’ve taken life too seriously
  • If you’ve needed a way out, up or through
  • If you’ve flown too close to the flame
  • If you need encouragement
  • For those who tried to make sense of it all
  • If you see yourself on a spiritual path
  • For those looking for a few extra tools to embrace life’s surprises
  • If you like to look more deeply
  • If you try too hard

What this book provides is an open hand with a few insights to guide you to greater depth with words echoing philosophies that have stood the test of time. Also, catharsis, rest and perhaps a smile.

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